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We have a new voting incentive up today. This one is also being considered for coffee mugs. You can get the wallpaper by voting at :

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I’m still working on the site design. The amount of advice I get never ceases to amaze me. Though appreciated, I have been working on the web doing advertising, websites, stores and the like for over 17 years back to when it was done in a text editor (vi or notepad). I’m just not as fast as I used to be due to having my own corporation to run as well ( and Not to mention making sure the Wolf man approves of what is going on here. Have patience, it’s getting there.




What do you mean, back when it was done on a text editor?
It still is! WYSIWYG editors are generally for those that cannot or do not want to learn proper code.
All the websites I design and program for are all done by handcode, not by any WYSIWYG at all. Nor any engine, and I try to minimize 3rd Party scripts as much as I possibly can, so the coding style is my own and is built for purpose.

I see that you’re using word/comic press. While I believe there’s nothing wrong with that as it is very nice, if you have so much hand coding experience, why not recode this site in your spare time?


What spare time? And if on the rare occasion I do find spare time, I sure as hell want to spend it away from the keyboard. I -do- have a life. :)

The advice thing was not directed at you, Tim.

I had one email, in particular, who even implied we should change the site name so she could show the site to her friends because the words “bondage” and “fetish” in the title were preventing her from doing so. Also, proceeded to go on about what she thought was wrong with the whole site layout when it’s not even done yet.

To that I say, have patience, it’s progressing.