Special Voting Incentive! Sixx On The Beach

As promised, Wolf was inspired by all your votes and has done a special voting incentive for the 4th of July, Sixx On The Beach!

4th Of July Incentive

Vote and enjoy! Happy 4th of July to those in the United States!


P.S. I know there is no reward but just out of appreciation for Wolf’s work, voting at http://www.webcomicz.com/webcomics/1008/vote.html would be appreciated also :) Show your love!



I can’t begin to describe how wonderful your work has progressed over the years. I am blown away by the leap in both your art and storytelling. Over the years I have seen other artists improve their storytelling ability or their art, but you, Sir, have managed to make not a step increment improvement, but a great leap in both areas. It has been a pleasure watching this happen and even more of a pleasure to be the follower of your art. Thank you for everything.
best wishes,