Collar 6 Celebrates the Start of Year 3

Tomorrow, January 4, 2011, will be the second birthday/anniversary of Collar 6. We’ve seen many changes during the past 2 years. I just wanted to take this time to congratulate Wolf on this milestone event and wish him the best in the years to come.

It wasn’t an easy ride but you’re doing a great job, Wolf. Keep up the great work!




Congratulations ;-)

I discovered C6 only a couple months ago, but got caught up in barely 3 feverish evenings, and while this isn’t *exactly* my kink (I tend toward M/F) the intensity, emotion and imagination has kept me riveted ;-)

So here’s toast to two years well done and many more to come ;-)

i love the comic so far, since a friend of mine showed it to me i have not missed a single one. I hope to see many more to come the storyline is wonderful and i love the art.

Sorry for being late, but congratulations! I hope you’ll definitely keep this up, ’cause I really love reading your comic ^-^

Congrats to Collar Six. Two years in the webcomic biz is a really long time, and this just keeps getting better. I have followed Wolf’s work since rthe days of Crimson Latex and I can think of no better person I know on the net. Congrats again to Wolfe and Ms Ana. WTG!

Congratulations and thank you from publishing this online. I found this comic through one blog on last fall and have followed this since then. Monday morning is always so much more easier to face with knowing I get to read this on the morning ;)


Hi all,
This would have been an email, but I didn’t see a contact us location on the website. I wanted to talk about how to do text heavy panels in webcomics.

In animation, the saying is, that the most difficult thing to animate is something hardly moving. The trick in animation is to have the bits move at different rates. So if you have to have someone slowly turning to the left, you don’t have them move their whole body left at the same rate, you have bits that start first, and other bits lag behind. The idea is you give people something a bit unexpected to look at.

In web comics, you could do what “Queen of Wands” did, with small art and lots of space around the panels. The space between panels was used up with huge word balloons. Phil Foglio is famous for doing little jokes in the back ground. So he has mimmiths (mini-sized mammoths) in the backgrounds in “Girl Genius” and funny jokes on the spines of books anywhere you might see a book case.
One last thing might be to try to break up the back story more and put smaller bits between sections of action.

Good luck and congratulations.
Warm regards, Rick.