About Collar 6

Collar 6 can be described as a BDSM soap opera. It’s over the top sometimes, down to earth other times, and there is very little of the meeting in between.

The setting is simple: Earth, where BDSM isn’t taboo because there are no puritan notions of modesty that equate sexuality to evil.

Episodes debut– Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Hi I just wanted to let you know, that I love your comic. I wait with baited breath for each new posting. You have created a world, and characters that are engaging, and that I want to see more of (in a non sexual sense, but sexual isn’t bad either ;) ).
That’s about it, I just had to let you know.


People may turn down the Comic series as a Waste of time, But I am not one of them, This “BDSM Soap Opera” is simply amazing, the characters have an intresting depth to them, The Antagonist is deep and cunning, and Laura, Is simply Astonishing as a character.
Your work is inspirational and I wish you all the best on this comic.


P.S: Please develop on the Association and it’s Mistress.

It was starting to seems a bit one dimensional, but that scene where they actually sit down and talk around the beginning was pretty awesome, it brought realism to the characters instead of just, “I’m a dom blah blah blah whack whack whack” and some bitchy maid and a sub who for some reason takes all sorts of shit without question. They were human, it was great.

Oh, except the super power thing was kinda over the top, it reminded me of the dragonball Z obsession with power. Over 9000.

I saw your Webcomic from its Link at Succubus.net (Miss Tera) and after skipping through a few pages, the next day I sat
down and read them start to finish – Man! am I ever Impressed! Your style is rather ‘sparse’ but you get across so much
Action, Expression, and Emotion with it… The Characters have grown well, you have ‘created a World’ and are writing a
very interesting Story with it. Mistress Sixx is very Human, Intelligent, and Believable, as are most of the other characters.
I’ve been ‘involved’ with some Serious B&D stuff before, at a level where it is ‘Not a Game’ , and Mistress Sixx is entirely
believable to me, because as the Private Jet Mechanic, I was responsible for ‘Loading’ Collared, Hooded and Ball-Gagged
Slavegirls in the ‘back of the bus’…. (You can’t Shackle them to the Seats, that’s a Violation of Safety Regulations…)
While there is always a little bit of ‘sexual’ in B&D, it is a Lesser part by Far; the real ‘Action’ is all in the Mind, and you
are getting this across very well.
Your Self-Critique may be a little bit hard on yourself, I understood what you are saying, but having read the entire Comic
pretty much all at once, I can see how you have been Evolving, and how you can look back at things and say “that panel/
page/dialog could have been better”, but Focus on the Next part of the Story, you are headed in a good direction with it.

Keep it going, you’ve got Readers!

I love your comic. You have created an awesome, interesting, just-the-right-amount-of-impossible world. A friend linked me here a few days ago, and I read through the whole comic in two sittings; I was disappointed that I had to take a break to sleep. You do a great job of using your art style to create a mood. Everything looks softer while Laura & Michelle are having a heart-to-heart, for example.

Just wanted you to know that you have a new fan.

Wolf, in rounding out your second year with Collar 6, I just want to say even though you’ve gone through hell in the 2 years since Collar 6 began, what it has done for you is phenomenal. Your art style and writing have made leaps and bounds upward and continue to do so with each strip. You learn, analyze and develop more and more with each passing month, it shows in your work. Congratulations on your 2nd year with Collar 6 and I wish for smoother sailing in the future. ;)


Wolf – your Story just keeps getting Better; the Character Development and the World you are Creating are
Excellent, Believable, and Better than I could have thought of. I’m not bored by it, you are ‘Opening up’ the
Storyline and Characters in a very good way. Keep it Up!!!!

Thank you for creating this comic. I started reading it when it was still fairly new, and it brought me to realization and aknowlegement of my own interests. I also found helpful information in the forums, such as links to other sites. That, and I love the comic itself as an awesome comic ^_^


Bumped into this comic .. and read it all non stop in one night.. You have got my attention! .. suck having to wait for updates now =(

Thank you very much for this comic. I discovered it through TvTropes.com and, like I think many others, I went through all of it in one night.

I like a lot the way you depict the interactions between the various character (I wish I could be that tenderly realistic when I write my stuff) but I kind of feel the plot a little wandering around in the last twenty pages or so.

Don’t get angry, but I have a question: do you have a master plan for the plot, right? (No, I don’t need to know it, just curious).

I was… not expecting the shounen action twist at the end of the first arc. AND I LOVE IT. XD The manga was already cool but going all powers was a great surprise! Archive binged all in one night, count yourself one fan up. XD

I admit that I don’t get the latex and bandage thing, but I like this little Comic Its got Depth and humor. I may not understand why your characters are drawn to this sort of lifestyle but i doesn’t stop me from enjoying the art. Thanks for sharing them with me.

This is an excellent webcomic. Thanks for representing the S&M lifestyle in such a thoroughly-explored light. The mentalities of the masters and slaves are awesome to read. Gotta love the psychology of the thing.

As a switch, I gotta ask… when are we going to see some switch super powers, and are we going to see any special techniques that depend on being a switch? I ask, since neither their shield nor their offensive powers are up to the power of a full masochist/sadist respectively.

As a BDSM artist myself, I must say I’m really enjoying this and I look forward to each posting day. I know this is mostly lighthearted, however I would request a little more tightness in the bondage and a few more gags, please.


This is the best comic series ever. One of my favorite things about it is it introduces The Lifestyle to the world (admittedly, with several pretty large differences) in a fun, entertaining way. Thank you!


Just want to thank you for Rubbermancy. I have a character I have had for years and I finally have an official name for her ability. Love the comic, even if the pacing does seem slow at times.

So, your comic is delightful! The story is engaging and fun, and one can totally buy into the world you created. And as for the Owned interludes, maybe it’s just the simplicity of them, but I love them! Good work, and I look forward to the many strips to come.

I woke up Friday morning checked the page, which the first thing I do on any day, and freaked out. I panicked thinking the comic was over!

But, now I feel better. And I hope you do too! Take as long off as you need! We excitedly await your return.

Seriously though, feel better.

And this comic is great.

Just to let you know . . .

You comic rules ! Being in the B scene, this comic makes me laugh hysterically ! I was late to work because I couldn’t stop reading it :3))

Also, I do love the references to cult movies such as Total Recall, and T2. You must be a big Arnold fan.

collarsmith Shem

I’ve never seen such a story that combines great twists and storytelling with BDSM. It’s engaging, hysterical and wonderful, and I JUST CAN’T STOP READING!!

Please you have to tell me where you learned to draw in this art style pleez!!!

Thanks, keep up the good work

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