Collar 6 300

And here we are at 300. I swear, I’ve heard a million Frank Miller jokes over the last 24 hours.

Someone asked if I’d be doing anything special for this strip, and the temptation was there to do something out of continuity, just utterly unrelated to anything that was going on… but just like at 200, I just didn’t want to grind the story to a halt in order to pat myself on the back. I know some of you might be thinking, “Well jack-ass,  you pre-empted the comic for guest strips and the Owned side crap.” The difference there being irl intrusion, or just utter burn-out. Besides, I think 300 is just too early to be congratulating myself over. I mean, good lord, look at the archive Questionable Content has racked up! And look at how much his art improved over the years! I’ve got a loooooooong ways to go as far as I’m concerned.

Now, if I reach 500, or even 1,000, I might just have to make a liar of myself and do something to commemorate my progress. Provided there is any at that point :P

But enough of my whining. Thank you all, for sticking with me the last two-plus years and giving me the confidence, and reason, to draw this strip week after week. And here’s to another several hundred to come.