The "practical" half of the team, so Wolf says. :D I was elated when Wolf wished to pursue the concept of this site for the webcomic, Collar 6. From there on in, it has been nothing less than an adventure and labor of love for both of us. I handle the technical aspects of this project, delivering Wolf's concept via much geek language to the output files displayed in your favorite browser. I've been eyes deep in website programming as well as networking, and other programming since 1993. My most repeated phrase, "Please have patience, I'm working on it!" I am also an artist and apprentice tattoo artist. I treasure a wide range of art forms, finding inspiration from them all. Wolf's work never ceases to amaze me, his style I find colorful and erotic as well as his fabulous sense of humor embedded in Collar 6. I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I do. I look forward to watching it grow and blossom.

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Happy Halloween!

Wolf has done a beautiful voting incentive for you all for Halloween 2011. Enjoy and have a safe and Happy Halloween! Madame


Collar 6 Celebrates the Start of Year 3

Tomorrow, January 4, 2011, will be the second birthday/anniversary of Collar 6. We’ve seen many changes during the past 2 years. I just wanted to take this time to congratulate Wolf on this milestone event and wish him the best in the years to come. It wasn’t an easy ride but you’re doing a great job, Wolf. Keep up the

Christmas 2010 Voting Incentive!

Wolf has done a beautiful voting incentive for Christmas 2010. Please visit Top Web Comics and vote to get your copy. If the spirit moves you, visit Webcomicz too, it’s always appreciated Wishing you all safe and happy holidays! Madame

Special Voting Incentive! Sixx On The Beach

As promised, Wolf was inspired by all your votes and has done a special voting incentive for the 4th of July, Sixx On The Beach! Vote and enjoy! Happy 4th of July to those in the United States! Madame P.S. I know there is no reward but just out of appreciation for Wolf’s work, voting at would be appreciated