Artwork Updates

The Fetish Artwork Gallery and Casual Artwork Gallery are now open. Uploads are in progress. The gallery updates will not show in the RSS feed. Be sure to check often as it may take a while to get all of Wolf’s works uploaded. These galleries will be updated regularly with his most recent works and I’ll try to post a blog to let you all know.

Note: some albums contain graphics of an adult nature, use caution when viewing with minors present.

Wolf is working on the new episodes of Collar 6 with a passion. I know you all await anxiously for the Monday updates. (I do!) His computer leaves a lot to be desired though, so, please have patience. An old Dell with only 256mb RAM and a processor that moves a bit slower than the oldest dinosaur does have it’s limitations while trying to work in Photoshop. What he can do with it? Well, we all have seen the efforts of his frustrated, dedicated and persistent labor. Your feedback and comments feed his inspiration– keep up the good work. :)

The Collar 6 Forum was opened this week. A separate registration is necessary to post there for now, apologies for any inconvenience. I’m working on integrating both registrations for your convenience and it may take a bit. The topics there are open, just in case you have anything else you’d like to chat about with other Collar 6 fans. Wolf has shared some of the history with me as to where you met him and began to admire his work. Personally, I’d like to get to know you all better.

Enough of my babbling. Hope to see you in the forums!



Hotel Dusk/Wish Room

I recently finished playing a DS game called Hotel Dusk (Wish Room in it’s native country Japan). This was a point and click adventure similar to those games that were really popular on the PC back in the 90′s (like Myst). Having little experience with this kinda game, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Now that I’ve completed my first in the genre, I can say that I’m happy to have given it a chance.

Hotel Dusk defied the conventions I’m accustomed to in gaming. There was no test of twitch reflexing, no platforming, and no damnable quick time events (thank you publishers, for taking RE4′s novelty cut scene stimulater and turning it into a nonstop feature). What was present, was atmosphere, intelligent, believable characters, and a moody soundtrack that I will now be hunting for on amazon.

The premise is simple: Kyle Hyde, ex-NYPD detective checks into a run-down dump of a hotel in nowhere, California while in the guise of a traveling salesman. He’s actually on the heels of a partner that betrayed him three years prior. Kyle has become something of a possessed wreck of a man, determined to learn why his partner traded his badge for organized crime.

By now, most of you think you’ve seen this sort of set up in a game before. Well, you haven’t. The game owes more to detective yarns and cop flicks than any gaming franchise. Hotel Dusk does not play out like your average game. While it has to give in to some minor railings, it reads like a detective novel, and concludes with sincerity that is missing from so many of today’s titles. You’ll have to play through twice to get the best ending, however. Or do like me and just youtube the best ending. I was happy I did.

If you’ve ever played a point and click adventure, you know what to expect here. Puzzles that involve little more than using the stylus to point at objects, shuffle them about, and in a lot of cases, reassemble a fractured item. These puzzles are largely common sense, and won’t test your mental capacity, but they are a nice break from the heavy dialogue. Beyond that, you face the standard fare ‘where does this item become useful?’ question. Using a crowbar to lift a file cabinet, for example.  If this ain’t your cup of tea, the game isn’t going to win you over, no matter how strong the story is. But for those looking to try something story-driven who can handle limited interaction, this is the way to go.

I mentioned the soundtrack earlier. This -is- a DS title, so  you have an idea what to expect. It’s not cd-quality music, but by god, it sets a -very- good mood and does a damn fine job of it. Every piece fits. From the burly theme that cues up for Dunning the hotel owner, to the kicksy-bebop beats in the bar, I loved the score.

I’m not really much of a reviewer, but I’ve got to give Hotel Dusk my approval. Were I a reviewer and prone to the whole grade system deal, I’d give Hotel Dusk a solid B+.

On The Other Hand…

The site is up and working for the most part. You don’t need to register to comment, by the way. Wolf loves the comments so no need to put alot of stuff in the way of them. :)

Seeing this project off the ground has been a wonder to my eyes. His work has been too long in the shadows and it’s time he has the right place to show it off. Hon, let it rock.

Behind the scenes has been a roller coaster but the output product is worth it all. Most of all, I hope you all enjoy the site as much as we have put our hearts and souls into making it.

There will be updates and changes occurring frequently as we see things that we need to bend (nesting of comment replies is in the works so for now, you’ll just have to get a dose of caffeine and link them up in your head.) Do express your ideas and opinions, we build upon them.

Hang tight, more to come.

P.S. That avatar stuff is pretty cool, check out that site if you post a comment by clicking on [Get an avatar]. I -really- like that convenience!

Prince of Pruuuuuussia

*Spoiler Free Ending Discussion*

I recently completed the new Prince of Persia and was ultimately disappointed. Just hours earlier I had fought a furious verbal campaign against my brother and his insistence that cliff hanger endings in games were a nuisance. Well, in the wake of PoP’s lack of a conclusion, I must concede.

That ending was just a spur for the next title in the series, and an attempt to make the player feel a sense of betrayal. It succeeded, but not the way the developers were probably hoping. While I won’t claim it didn’t stir me emotionally (because it did), it wound up coming across less as a powerful direction of character, and more a plot hammer.

I had heard similar complaints about the ending of Assassin’s Creed, which I staunchly defended against. In light of this, I wonder if I was mistaken all along.

I have a website!

Wow, it’s actually happened. I have a website! All thanks to my lovely Mistress-turned-life partner, Ana who handled the entire site. Thank you dearest :)