Guest Strips Call

Hey everyone. I’m going to be needing a few days off to tend to some irl issues, which means I’m going to be needing some guest strips to cover my sorry ass. As always, the only requirements are for it to be relevant to the comic, and to be no longer than 700 wide, but any length. Please send your submissions to:

Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing what comes in :)


Free Talk

And so we’re right smack in the middle of another verbal exposition. One thing I really didn’t consider when I decided to build an alternate universe was how much blabbering would be necessary to establish the rules and build a foundation for the body of the fiction. I’ve spoken at length in chat to some of you and know that by and large, most of you like these explanations and general world-building errata. But my god is it boring to draw.

As anyone with, how shall we say, eyesight can tell, I am not very good at what I’m doing here. Which is to say drawing. And there’s only so many ways to draw people talking for extended periods. Well, for people with abilities as limited as my own anyways. I am certainly aware it gets redundant.

So to those of you who enjoy the exposition segments, thank¬† you. I’m grateful you are willing to give my attempts at world-building a shot. And to those who don’t, I apologize. Rest assured I do have big pay-offs in terms of more action and BDSM oriented segments.

I’m getting around to working on a new voting incentive. This one is heavier on the BDSM (something I haven’t been able to do enough of lately. Man I miss drawing the girls suited up and spanking).

On a more free talk note, I’m lamenting the fact that I don’t have HBO to watch this Game of Thrones series that’s all the rage. I bought the first book in the series and hope to have time to invest in actually reading it. Guess it all works out, I’d rather read the book before seeing the show anyways.

Mass Effect 3 is coming out along with Skyrim this winter, and I’m trying to hurry my but up and finish -the first- freakin Mass Effect so I can graduate to the 2nd and be ready for the 3rd. In addition, I’m also still interested in the Dragon Age games, based on the fact that Bioware writes some really good narrative. But man, the visuals in the first really turn me off. Hahah, sorry, I’m rambling.

Anyways, thanks for reading as always! Send any feedback to, I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

A Few Hours Late…

Sorry for the hold-up tonight folks. We had a big storm front move through yesterday and I was busy freaking out about falling trees that I would have otherwise spent tending to penciling the strip. But, five hours behind schedule, here we are! Now to have a bowl of cereal and pass out!

April Fools. Well Okay, Not Really.

Just to reassure you all, Monday you will know who is at the damn door :)

I considered an April Fool’s Day comic, but then I considered how irritated I get at certain comics that give me a joke comic when I’m looking for more of the main storyline. I decided to just keep going with the story.

Hang tight gang, the big stuff is coming :)

What the?!

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s Monday and we’re still doing Owned. I didn’t expect the two Owned strips I put up to stand in to catch so much attention, and since it did, I figured it would be in my best interests to at least close up the meeting of these two in a manner that seems conclusive to their new arrangement. Wednesday will be a final strip of Owned until I need to take another break!

Mistress Sixx and Laura will be appearing again on Friday as I return to the storyline at hand. And now that the backstories and world-building are set up, let’s advance the plot!