Thanks For The Feedback

I want to thank you all for the feedback. There was far more support than criticism, which I was not expecting, but was a pleasant surprise. I’m glad to know that so many of you actually like the bizarre concepts I’ve introduced in creating a BDSM fantasy setting (even if it hasn’t been presented very well).

The biggest complaint I heard was one I’ve recognized time and time again in my work. Pacing. I have a habit of creating dialogue that goes on and on and on, while I try to cover every single detail. In fact, I addressed that myself back during early autumn and promised to correct the issue. But it seems that I haven’t. And so I have to analyze the way I produce scripts and find a solution to this. I believe I understand what must be done in terms of pacing and keeping the comic moving fluidly, and I hope you will all see positive results in the coming weeks. Don’t worry long-time readers. I’m not dropping the plot in any way. The destination remains the same, the ride simply needs to be more enjoyable. Here’s to hoping it works out.

And now to the Owned comics I’ve been posting this week.

Those strips in particular are actually about three years old now. They originally ran in several of my old art accounts, around the same time I was just beginning to think of giving a BDSM comic another shot (after my failure with Crimson Latex).

At this point I can’t recall if Owned of C6 entered my brain first, but they both had the same general ideas. Hapless slave getting into a situation they didn’t quite understand.  C6 wound up winning out in the end, likely because I still had a connection to the vaguely created cast I never fleshed out in Crimson Latex.

Owned is now serving as my side-story stand in. When I get in a jam and need something to fill in for me, but can’t get a guest strip in time, expect to see more of this story. And for those wondering, yes, these are the two characters who appeared in Strip 33.

Once again everyone, thanks very much for sticking with me through the last two years. I hope the coming year sees the comic really go somewhere and that you’re all still interested enough to read it. :)



Two-Strip Hiatus and Feedback Request

Well folks, I’m having to take a few days off for personal matters. I was hoping to get some guest strips to stand in for me, but nothing came up. I’ll be posting a quick stand-alone image tonight, and a buddy of mine has crafted… uh, something (you’ll see what I mean) that I’ll use to fill out Friday. Regular posting will resume Monday.

That said, I would also like to request honest feedback on the comic as it stands now. What do you like? What do you dislike? Not enough bondage? Not enough Ginger? Please, feel free to share your thoughts, they’ll help me to make this is a stronger comic. You can post your responses on the C6 facebook page over at:!/Collar6

And if you’re not with the whole facebook thing, just hit me up with an email at:

I’ll be listening to whatever I hear from you guys, and using it to help me write future scripts.

Thanks for reading everyone, apologies for the sudden absence, but it’ll only be for two strips :)

Guest Strips

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the world-building and character backgrounds I’ve been grinding us through the last couple of months. Apologies if they came across as a bit long-winded.

Anyways, I’m putting out a new call for guest strips, as I’m in need of a few days to catch my breath. As always, submissions can be any length, but need to be 700 pixels in width.

Other than that I ask only that the content be relevant to the subject matter, and include the girls.  Send all submissions to:

I look forward to seeing what I get.

And as always, thanks for reading everyone :)


Collar 6 Celebrates the Start of Year 3

Tomorrow, January 4, 2011, will be the second birthday/anniversary of Collar 6. We’ve seen many changes during the past 2 years. I just wanted to take this time to congratulate Wolf on this milestone event and wish him the best in the years to come.

It wasn’t an easy ride but you’re doing a great job, Wolf. Keep up the great work!